Soulful intuitive painting
Painting is a deep expression of my soul. Most of my paintings arise totally unplanned and intuitively from the depth of my soul. Most of my paintings arise unplanned and completely intuitively without planning or preliminary drawings. Before painting, I usually don’t know exactly what will emerge on the white paper. I let my intuition guide me when I’m painting.
It is different with commissioned paintings when the subject or motif of the painting is predefined. Then I have a vision of the artwork, perhaps also a preliminary drawing. However, the process of painting stays intuitive & I trust the creative process while painting.
Expressive transformative painting
For me, painting is often a process in which sometimes unpleasant – and perhaps previously well-hidden – feelings and thoughts are allowed to show themselves and have the space to transform into something new and liberating. That gives my art depth. The artwork that emerges at the end touches me. It is a process of self-awareness, a path into the inner landscape of the soul, on which you can get to know yourself anew and grow beyond yourself. Thus, for me, painting is a path of deep healing and liberation.
Painting technique
I work with various mixed media such as acrylic paints, water-soluble wax crayons, oil pastels and ink. Or I implement ideas on a digital level in Adobe Photoshop.