About me & my artwork

  • May - July 2023

    Exhibition in Wasserburg

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I’m a German freelance painting artist. Natalie Larimar is my artist name.

Most of my latest artworks are brought to life through intuitive, expressive & transformative painting.

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WHY am I creating ART?

Painting comes from the buttom of my soul. Read here about my journey WHY I am creating ART. I have […]

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Soulful intuitive painting Painting is a deep expression of my soul. Most of my paintings arise totally unplanned and intuitively […]

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From now on I will use my Artist Name Natalie Larimar for presenting my artwork to the world! → Read […]

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Exhibition in Wasserburg 2023

This year I took part in the member’s exhibition of the KUBA Kunstbahnhof with two of my artworks that I […]

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Long Night of Museums 2022

Last year in October I took part in the Long Night of Museums in the KUBA Kunstbahnhof in Wasserburg at […]

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