About me & my artwork

Most of my latest artworks are brought to life through expressive & intuitive painting. I work with various mixed media techniques like acrylic paints, water-soluble wax pastels, oil pastels, crayons & ink, or I implement ideas on a digital level with Photoshop.


About my name:

  • Read all about the meaning of my new artist name *Natalie Sina Larimar* here


Artistic influences:

I had a great art teacher at my German high school who aroused my enthusiasm not only for acrylic painting but also for the big artists of the 19th and 20th century:

  • The artist Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840) inspired me with his symbolic and spiritual artworks.
  • Expressionistic painters from the art movement „Der blaue Reiter“ (1911-1914) such as Wassily KandinskyFranz Marc & Ernst Ludwig Kirchner also made a deep impression on me with their way of painting.
  • Last but not least Pablo Picasso has fascinated me with his way of reinventing his art over and over again instead of getting stuck in a certain kind of painting style and art movement.


In this day and age I find a lot of inspiration for my intuitive painting process in the teachings of the American artists Flora Bowley and Juliette Crane.

My painting process:

In a similar way to the expressionists of the 20th century I rediscover my own inner emotional world in my artworks. When I paint, I let myself be guided  consciously or unconsciously  by my inner emotional compass. It is remarkable to see in a self-reflection that when I am painting, the emotionally inside – influenced by the outside world – creates an inner balance and harmony in myself in a transformation process. So I found a way for myself to transform supposedly negative emotions into an image that is beautiful and meaningful to me.


Subject of my artworks:

Driving force, inspiration and subject of my artworks are the following:

  • my great love for the ocean…
  • the playfulness and blissfulness of free dolphins in the ocean…
  • Lemuria…
  • the spirit of mother nature…
  • The moon…
  • the liberation of the female elemental force…
  • my connection to angels and light beings…
  • and maybe the most important: the deep connection to my beloved divine inner child. 


Commissioned artworks:

On request, I paint portraits and soul paintings for young and old as a personal commissioned artwork.