About me & my artwork

I am a German painter currently based in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance in southern Germany.

Most of my latest artworks are brought to life through expressive & intuitive painting.
I work with various mixed media techniques like acrylic paints, water-soluble wax pastels, oil pastels, crayons & ink, or I implement ideas on a digital level with Photoshop.


About my artist name *Natalie Sina Larimar*:

1.  Natalie …

Natalie is the middle name from my real name Sarah Natalie Bloch.
For me the name „Natalie“ is my artist personality, the brave, wild, expressive personality within me who is free to behave and express herself the way she wants to. As an artist I need this freedom to express myself artistically – as you can possibly imagine. 🙂


2. … Sina …

Sina is a wonderful fairy character from a children book story my husband wrote for me. This children book character is a childlike, cheeky but also very sweet and adorable moon flower fairy. For me the name Sina stands for the fairylike, playful, wise, divine inner child within me (= my inner artist child), that is one of my biggest inspirations for my artwork.


3. … Larimar

Larimar is a bluish greenish shimmering gemstone. It’s also called Atlantis stone or dolphin stone. The origin of its name comes i.a. from „mar“ (spanish) = „sea“.
When I look at this stone I can see and feel – and sometimes even hear – the ocean.
I have always felt like a child of the sea, the happiest when being at the sea. Even as a small child they said about me „She’s like a little fish“ because when playing in the ocean I could hardly get out of the sea water. Also today I love the ocean from the bottom of my heart and soul & it’s such a huge inspiration for my art.
And apart from that: My eyes have quite a similar colour like my beloved Larimar gemstone. So it’s just perfect as my Artist name! 🙂

New Zealand

New Zealand

Artistic influences:

I had a great art teacher at my German high school who aroused my enthusiasm not only for acrylic painting but also for the big artists of the 19th and 20th century:

  • The artist Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840) inspired me with his symbolic and spiritual artworks.
  • Expressionistic painters from the art movement „Der blaue Reiter“ (1911-1914) such as Wassily KandinskyFranz Marc & Ernst Ludwig Kirchner also made a deep impression on me with their way of painting.
  • Last but not least Pablo Picasso has fascinated me with his way of reinventing his art over and over again instead of getting stuck in a certain kind of painting style and art movement.


In this day and age I find a lot of inspiration for my intuitive painting process in the teachings of the American artists Flora Bowley and Juliette Crane.

My painting process:

In a similar way to the expressionists of the 20th century I rediscover my own inner emotional world in my artworks. When I paint, I let myself be guided  consciously or unconsciously  by my inner emotional compass. It is remarkable to see in a self-reflection that when I am painting, the emotionally inside – influenced by the outside world – creates an inner balance and harmony in myself in a transformation process. So I found a way for myself to transform supposedly negative emotions into an image that is beautiful and meaningful to me.


Subject of my artworks:

Driving force, inspiration and subject of my artworks are the following:

  • my great love for the ocean…
  • the playfulness and blissfulness of free dolphins in the ocean…
  • Lemuria…
  • the spirit of mother nature…
  • The moon…
  • the liberation of the female elemental force…
  • my connection to angels and light beings…
  • and maybe the most important: the deep connection to my beloved divine inner child. 


Commissioned artworks:

On request, I paint portraits and soul paintings for young and old as a personal commissioned artwork.